X-Ray Image Submission Instructions
BEFORE submitting an x-ray for analysis, please be sure to add a 30mm horizontal scale to the image.
If a scale is not on the image, is not horizontal, not 30mm in length, or if the scale is over the bones, you will have to correct and resend the images!
Most x-ray software has a scale tool included in the measurement tools

If you are not sure how to add a scale to your images, watch the following video:

  • Before Proceeding to Upload Checklist:
  • Cervical and/or Lumbar x-rays ONLY
  • Flexion and Extension views ONLY
  •  Scale is on the x-ray as shown above
  •  File is a jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, or dcm type ONLY
  •  DRMA account created and verified
Directions for Uploading Images
Scroll past video for text version
Directions for Uploading X-Ray Images for Analysis
1. Go to DRMATech.com
2. Scroll down to the GREEN button that says “Click here to upload images”
3. Login to your DRMA account.
     a. If you need to register to set-up an account:
          i. Click “Not Registered Yet”
          ii. Agree to the terms and conditions
          iii. Enter your information and create a password
          iv. Click “Register”
          v. VERIFY EMAIL. You cannot proceed until you verify your email address
          vi. Click link in email to verify address
          vii. Login to your account
4. Click “Add Patient”
5. Enter the patient’s information. You must include gender, DOB, and weight
6. Click “Save Patient”
7. Click “Ok”
8. Click “View Report/Upload Images”
9. Click “Submit for Analysis” – this is where you will upload your images. 
          i. Cervical and/or Lumbar x-rays ONLY
          ii. Flexion and extension views ONLY
          iii. Scale is on all x-rays (30mm horizontal and not on the bones)
          iv. File type is: jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, or dcm ONLY
10. Enter date of injury AND date of x-rays
11. Two ways to upload images:
        a. Drag and drop the images from your computer to the drag and drop area
        b. Click “Select X-ray Images” and find the files you want to send. Click “Open”
12. Click “Upload”
13. Click “Save and Payment”
14. Enter payment information
15. Accept terms and conditions
16. Click “Pay Now”

When the images have been processed, you will receive an email that the report for your patient is ready. You will return to drmatech.com and login. Click on view report to see the results.